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The Special Collections of the University of Bergen Library

Are you interested in learning more about the source and data material that is included in the University Library's special collections, and how to use this material? This seminar is aimed at students and researchers within digital humanities who will benefit from using the materials in the collection in teaching / dissemination, thesis writing and research.

Foto/ill.: Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen

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There are a total of 4 larger collections that belong to the special collections:

- Manuscript and Rare Book Collection: assembles and preserves a wide range of collections and archive material, i.e. manuscripts and antiquarian books of great material, cultural and historical value both locally, nationally and internationally (marcus.uib.no), speaker: Alexandros Tsakos

- Picture collection: archive for historical photography with special emphasis on Bergen and Western Norway, with approx. 1.2 million photographs (marcus.uib.no), speaker: Olaf Knarvik

- The language collections: comprehensive documentation of the Norwegian language in time and space with older physical and electronic material (Norsk kulturarv i skrift og tale | Universitetsbiblioteket | UiB), speaker: Peder Gammeltoft

- National Norwegian Archive for Queer History: national knowledge center for Norwegian queer history, which i.e. builds up a collection of video interviews (Skeivt arkiv), speaker: Bjørn Andre Widvey


At the seminar you will get an overview of the different types of source and data material that are compiled in these collections.

The speakers will also elaborate on the interfaces used in the collections and will discuss some specific challenges / collection-specific issues. With a perspective on what kind of questions we can ask about this unique material, participants will become more familiar with the data and the possible uses of the material in teaching / thesis writing / research.



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