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Get a better overview of your research field

This workshop will introduce tools that can help with getting an overview of your field.

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The amount of literature available today means that it can feel difficult to get a full picture of your research field. An in-depth literature review is the best way to get an overview, but there are also tools that can help us before, during and after such a review. These can help us answer questions such as: Which journals are the most common? What kind of terminology is used, and how has it changed over time? Are there important works I might have missed?

In this workshop we will introduce tools which can be used to help get an overview of the journals, people, places, key terms, citation patterns, and potential missed works. There will be time to test out some of these tools on your own research area.

We will also cover potential pitfalls and limitations with such tools, and how they complement a review. The tools covered are either freely available, or available via UiBs subscription databases.

Target participants

  • Level: Anyone who is interested in exploring new methods for getting an overview of their research field (suggested Early Career Researchers, PhDs, masters students)
  • Subjects: Fields with a substantial share of publishing in article-format.