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Breakfast talk about the Egyptology exhibition

What can the decipherment of hieroglyphs and the discovery of Tutankhamon’s tomb tell us about the future of the study of languages and religion at UiB? The Digital Lab hosts a talk about the work with primary sources and digital tools in connection to both research and the ongoing Egyptology exhibition in the Arts and Humanities Library.

Sphinx and pyramides in Egypt
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About the exhibiton

2022 was a double jubilee year: 200 years ago J-F. Champollion deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphs, and 100 years ago H. Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamon. Both events have marked the field of study called Egyptology. 

A small exhibition at the Humanities’ library marks these occasions, highlighting the significance of research on Egyptian civilizations in Norway and Bergen. This research understands “Egyptology” in a broad sense, including the cultures of the Nile Valley and the deserts beyond and therefore the fields of Egyptology, Nubiology, Sudan Studies from the pharaonic period into Christian and Islamic Egypt. 

The researchers behind our small exhibition invite you to a breakfast seminar where we will introduce, among other things, primary sources and digital tools for historical studies of Egypt. The panelists will discuss the role of philological and historical studies at a relatively small university such as UiB. They will debate the challenges that such studies face both here and in other similar institutions today, as well as the possibilities that new digital tools and online networks may provide for the future of the related disciplines. 

In the panel: 

Alexandros Tsakos, head of the Manuscripts and Rare books collection at UB, Nubiologist 

Christian Bull, associate professor of religious studies, Coptologist 

Christian Mauder, associate professor of religious studies, Islamologist 

Pål Steiner, head of library education support, Egyptologist 

Practical information

The talk will be in English.

Registration is required and there will be served light refreshments during the event.