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GIS Workshop

Are you interested in using digital maps in your research? This workshop provides a brief introduction to GIS, as well as hands-on exercises in the open-source GIS-application QGIS.

Illustration of GIS

Main content

QGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) application designed to process spatial data and generate map visualizations. We will also offer some assistance in navigating online GIS-resources. 


Day 1 (22th of January): INTRODUCTION TO GIS

  • What is GIS and which GIS resources may I get access to? (60 minutes)
  • Source data for use in GIS (30 minutes)
  • BREAK (15 minutes)
  • Hands-on exercises in QGIS with home exercise (75 minutes)

Day 2 (24th of January): PRODUCING DIGITAL MAPS IN GIS

  • Review of homework with QGIS (90 minutes)
  • BREAK (15 minutes)
  • Discussion about what you specifically want to be able to use GIS for in your work (75 minutes)

The course runs over two days with an option for a third day (January the 30th), where individual projects can be discussed. The third day is for those who have a concrete project to use GIS for.

Day 3 (30th of January): WHAT CAN I USE GIS FOR IN MY RESEARCH?

  • Discussion between participants how GIS can be used in research (90 minutes)
  • (for those who wish): One to one dialogue between teacher and participant about realizing GIS in a project (90 minutes)


The course is limited to 20 participants. You sign up by using this registration link.


If you don’t have QGIS on your own computer, you should download and install it before attending the workshop. 

Please read the installation instructions on this resource page.