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Energy Master Alumni Interview – Hilde Skeie

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Hilde Skeie graduated from the Energy Master in 2016 with a specialisation in thermal machines. In her master thesis she wrote about noise and vibrations from a diesel motor, which she tested in the machine laboratory on the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL). Now she works at Bane NOR (former Jernbaneverket) as a trainee in project management.


Tell us about your background

I have a bachelor’s degree in Energy Technology from HiB from 2011. After I finished my bachelor I worked as an HVAC engineer, first in Norconsult and later in Multiconsult. In 2014 I started on the master program in Energy at UiB/HVL, whilst working 50 % in Multiconsult. I graduated in 2016, with a specialisation in thermal machines.

Why did you choose to study energy technology and why did you choose the program at UiB/HVL?

I chose the energy master because it was the most relevant one for my bachelor and my discipline. The specialisation within thermal machines was the most engineer-focused on the program, which is where I have my main interest. Energy is a broad concept, so to have an education within this field gives a lot of opportunities.

Tell us about your current job?

Today, I’m a trainee within project management in Bane-NOR, where I started on the 15th of August last year. There were almost 1500 applicants to what ended up being 25 positions. The trainee program is a unique opportunity for young and recent graduates to start in the railway sector and to get a thorough education in project management. The internship begins with five weeks of introductory courses on project management and railway in Oslo. Every trainee gets their own mentor, and the opportunity to see all the aspects of Bane NOR’s work, as we are placed on three different locations during two years. In addition we get about 30 ECTS from the various courses in the trainee-period.

What is the best thing about your job?

The railway sector is in strong growth. We work with many large and interesting projects that promote the use of environmental-friendly transport. I get the opportunity to participate in some of the largest development projects in our country and they affect the daily lives of a considerable part of the population.

How has the master in Energy become useful in your job?

Without the master in Energy I wouldn’t even be able to apply for my current job, and I would have missed a great opportunity.

Why would you recommend others to work in the energy field?

The energy field is big and varied, and you have the opportunity to work within many different industries.