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European Universities Mobilise to Address Energy Transition

One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century lies in the sustainable generation and use of energy, and universities play an important role.

European University Association (EUA)
European University Association (EUA)

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The European University Association (EUA) recently published an action agenda where they call for universities within energy-related education to mobilise. The need for clean, sustainable and cheaper energy represents one of Europe’s greatest challenges and universities are central in finding solutions.

The Action Agenda was designed as part of the UNI-SET Project, and our own Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa and Peter Haugan have been part of the academix expert reviewing committee of the report. The Action Agenda aims to promote and support energy education across Europe, and lists concrete examples and suggestions for education programmes on both master's and doctoral level. Three areas are covered in depth including energy efficiency, smart grids & energy systems, and renewables integration. In addition to natural sciences and engineering, ideas are presented for interdisciplinary education together with social sciences and humanities, as the energy transition requires a holistic approach.

Read more about the two master programmes offered at the University of Bergen; a two year's master programme and a five year integrated master's programme (sivilingeniør) in energy.