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CORE Lecture Series

The CORE Lecture Series invites leading international scholars to present their ongoing research.

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The CORE Lecture Series is organised by the CORE research group (Citizens, Opinion, Representation, and Elections) at the Department of Comparative Politics. Leading international scholars are invited to present their ongoing research on a broad range of topical issues for the research group.

The seminars are funded by the SAMEVAL grant awarded by the Norwegian Research Council.

The programme for Spring 2024 is:

  • 11 April: "Interaction Approaches to Intersectionality Theory" - Sona and Matt Golder
  • 25 April: "Data-Driven Campaigning and Political Parties: Five advanced democracies compared" - Kate Dommett
  • 2 May: "Participatory Spaces Under Urban Capitalism. Contesting the Boundaries of Democratic Practices" - Markus Holdo
  • 30 May: "Is There Such a Thing as an Impeachment Trap?" - John Polga-Hecimovich

All seminars are held on Thursdays 14.00-15.30 in the Sampol Meeting room (2nd Floor), and are open to all. 

If you wish to receive invitations to the CORE Lecture Series, you can send a request to linn.sandberg@uib.no.