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Judicial Behavior

Norwegian Supreme Court
Sturlason: Norges Høyesterett.

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Supreme Court justices are overlooked, but important, national policy-making players who render final and consequential decisions across a wide range of cases. The decisional behavior of an individual justice is a function of his or her notion as to what makes ‘good’ law, pursued in a cultural-collegial setting that is oriented by majoritarian requirements, while constrained by the legal nature of the case being considered.

Since the 1990s, the Norwegian Supreme Court has transformed itself from a court of resolving individual cases into a powerful policy-making court of precedents. A key part of the research project on judicial behavior includes the Doranoh database that links cases, justices and votes. 


Gunnar Grendstad

William R. Shaffer

Eric N. Waltenburg

Henrik Litlerè Bentsen

Jon Kåre Skiple


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