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CRISTIN is a system for the documentation of research results, information and documentation of scientific activities.

Logoen til CRISTIN (Current Research Information System In Norway)

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CRISTIN (Current Research Information System in Norway) is a sequel to the FRIDA database (research results, information and documentation of scientific work) and is a database for registering research activities at universities and colleges. Postings / data from FRIDA are transferred to the new database. There will be no major changes for FRIDA users due to the new database in operation.

Researchers register publications and other research activities as well as dissemination activities in the database. It is recommended to register works continuously. 

Information about how to register academic publications for NVI, "Norsk vitenskapsindeks" (Norwegian science index), is available here and there is also a FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

The login page to CRISTIN can be found here: CRISTIN



The norwegian term 'Tellekanter' ("counting edges") is the popular designation of the system used to measure research activity at an institutional level in the form of documented scientific publishing. The system is one of four indicators for result-based redistribution of research funding between education centres.

Scientific publications in the form of scientific books, scientific articles in journals, and scientific articles in anthologies are given points according to a system.

Publications that are considered scientific based on the criteria are reported from CRISTIN to NSD (Norwegian Sentre for Research Data). Publishers and journals that are regarded as scientific are listed on this page

It is the national councils that recommend publishing channels to the Universities- and Colleges-Council (UHR). About 80% of scientific publishers / journals are classified as level 1 and about 20% as level 2, which is the highest. The deadline for the expert council to nominate journals for level 2 is in the autumn. The same deadline also applies to proposals for level 1 channels, which are reported to NSD. More information about the procedure can be found here.