Department of Philosophy
Philosophy of mind

Research group Philosophy of Mind

This research group brings together scientific staff and students who are interested in mind, in all its aspects.

Tredimensjonalt hodeskulptur hvor toppen er kuttet av og hvor en ser en labyrint.
Maze Mind (Illustration picture)
Kiyoshi Takahase Segundo (colourbox.com)

The research interests that are represented in the group include topics like perception, consciousness, aesthetic experience and expertise, social cognition, cognitive phenomenology, emotion, and the philosophy of psychopathology. 

The group meets regularly for presentations of work in progress (contact Franz Knappik if you wish to be informed about future meetings.)

Philosophy of Mind Workshop, December 2, 2019


Past presentations:

20.5.19 Franz Knappik, "Depersonalization / derealization syndrome and implicit self-consciousness"

10.1.19 Gunnar Karlsen, "Aesthetic experience in nature sport"

26.10.18 Pål Antonsen, "Appreciative engagement with video game fictions"

16.8.18 Ole Martin Skilleås, "'True judges': Expertise and justification"

11.5.18 Nivedita Gangopadhyay, "Empathy, emotion and embodiment"

11.4.18 Franz Knappik, "Epistemology and phenomenology of action"