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Intergration for Health (I4H)

Integration as a way to reducing health inequalities among forced migrants: A collaborative and knowledge building project

This project has two main aims: First, to study the intertwined development of integration and health in a new home country among forced migrants in a trajectory perspective using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Second, to study the effect of an innovative labour-related intervention on the health and integration of health professionals with refugees with other migrant backgrounds as well as the impact on their families and the institutions opening their doors to this group.

Integration for Helath (I4h)
Khadra Ahmed

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Post doc / PhD Candidates

Master students

Mari Bakken Standnes

Siv Eriksen

Tarteel Eissa

Md Ragibul Islam

Advisory board

George Deeb and Sarala Banjara (user representatives)
Sølve Sætre (Bergen municipality)
Pål Bjørkjær (Kristiansand municipality)
Benedicte Hollen (IMDI)

Pablo Llano Torres (CESAL, Spain)

Bente Dahle Sylta - Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (hvl.no)

Marita Moe Sandvenv: Contact | Caritas Bergen

Arqus Alliance (UiB) Katrine Moland Hansen | Universitetet i Bergen (uib.no)
EGPRN Profiles: Claire Collins - EGPRN (Ireland)
Astrid Ouahyb Sundsbø - Høgskulen på Vestlandet (hvl.no) (EQUALPART), NAV, Introduksjonsprogram

Aims of the study

The project has the ambition to prospectively study measures and services targeting one of the most vulnerable population groups – forced migrants. There is a need to join efforts to better understand the complex interactions between integration and health, including welfare and labour perspectives, to be able to address one of Norway’s main societal challenge: the need to reduce inequalities in health for refugees and their families and to integrate them in a meaningful way in the labour and educational market. This challenge, however, cannot be addressed by research institutions alone. Therefore, this project also builds upon an on-going collaboration of the research team with Caritas Bergen and with the municipality of Bergen, as well as a long-lasting close contact with migrants from Syria establish during the CHART study.

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