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Research cruise 2009

1-11 August CGB researchers are climbing aboard aboard the Norwegian RV, G.O.Sars and are heading to sea again to re-visit Loki's Castle, the world's northernmost identified Black Smoker, and Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano, one of the world’s largest underwater mud volcanoes. This year a production team will be onboard filming a segment for Discovery Channel's series: ”Mighty ships” [in action].

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The cruise has two goals:

The first is to return "Loki's Castle", the black smoker we discovered at the end of our research cruise last summer. We will be mapping and sampling to document more information about the hydrothermal vent field, which looks as though it may involve one of the largest hydrothermal mineral deposits yet discovered in the deep sea.

The second is to sample and map the Håkon Mosby mud volcano, which is located not too far away. Increased understanding of methane cycling and metabolism is a top research priority today because of its relevance to climate change and CO2 storage.

This year a production team from Exploration Production Inc. will be onboard to film a segment for Discovery Channel's series: "Mighty ships". Learn more.

Their full-length documentary was released summer 2010.


Discovery Channel’s web site:  Discovery Channel Mighty Ships Series G.O. Sars

Download: Discovery Channel Mighty Ships GO Sars HDTV XviD-TERRA


Follow along with the action:

August 1-11: Once the cruise begins, a daily blog will be maintained. Click on the day below to be a virtual participant!

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