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- "CLIMIT PhD Seminar 2014 - Young scientists show how to capture and store CO2"

-  “Subsea ravine leaks a new headache for carbon capture”. REUTERS, September 13th 2012.

-  "Kjempesprekk ved CO2 lager". Dagens Næringsliv. September 26th 2012.

- “Tougher Seabed Screening Needed for Carbon Capture Plans”. Sea Discovery. September 26th 2012.



Public Outreach:
Annual report from the SUCCESS project (CGB SUCCESS activity is featured on pages 15-18)

-In situ CO2 acidification using a Marine benthic lander in Byfjorden, Bergen, Norway

-Effects of CO2 acidification on seafloor life and geochemistry, North Sea.




-   "Reduced uncertainty with CO2 flow modelling and monitoring”. CLIMIT days, Oslo February 2013. Aavatsmark, Elenius, Gasda, Reigstad, Lien, Mannseth, Hvidevold

-   “Transport of CO2 along possible migration pathways – how CO2 or natural gasses may reach the surface”. FME-SUCCESS Fall meeting, Oslo September 2012, and CLIMIT PhD Seminar, Oslo November 2012. Participating CGBers: Karin Landschultze.

-  “Impacts of abrupt CO2 acidification on microbial activity and viral abundance in Near-Shore sediments”. FME-SUCCESS Fall meeting, Oslo, September 2012. Participating CGBers: Camilla M Bøe and Laila J Reigstad.  

-   "The effects of CO2 leakage on seafloor life over a CO2 storage site, - a laboratory experiment”. Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, February 2012. Participating CGBers: Laila J. Reigstad and Tamara Baumberger.





Scientific articles: