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IODP Second Report – arriving at the first site

Our scientist-at-sea, PhD student Steffen Jorgensen, should be arriving at the first site on IODP’s Expedition 336.

JOIDES Resolution

Steffen Jorgensen

Jorgensen writes:

”We are trying to reach the first site on the 19th late or on the 20th in the morning. We will then try to recover some old CORKS (piece of equipment placed out in seafloor drill hole) and then install new ones (I will come   back with more on that). The operation is complex and might take a couple of weeks at least. Then we go to another site and here we will drill through several hundred meters of sediment (yes baby!) and into the basaltic layer underneath. This hole will also be fitted with CORK   observatories that will be left for a later cruise to recover. 

We scientists have not begun 12-hour shifts yet – only the crew is, so far. But as soon as we start coring there will be shifts - I don’t know what is in store for me yet :)

Ship life is a bit boring when there is no science to do. But the food is good, the people are nice, the gym big and there are a lot of people to talk to. The ship is so big that you can wonder round and round and find new places and people to talk to. In addition quite a few meetings have been held to keep us up to date with how things will work on ship.”

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