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Geomicrobiologist Irene Roalkvam receives EMBO Workshop poster award

Post-doctoral fellow and CGB scientist Irene Roalkvam received a poster award at the recent EMBO Workshop on Microbial Sulfur Metabolism in Helsingør, Denmark.

Image sourced from http://events.embo.org/15-microbial/

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Dr. Roalkvam’s work on the biocorrosion potential of a nitrate reducing Arcobacter species received one of four poster awards out of the 68 EMBO workshop poster participants. Her work detailed the metabolic and genomic characteristics of the isolate originating from injection water, and presented arguments on how the Arcobacter strain could play a role in biocorrosion; a process associated with the well-studied sulphate reducing bacteria (see page 110 of conference program).

Presenters at the conference shared their work in both basic science and industrial applications of microbiology related to sulphur metabolism from 12 – 15 April, 2015. Dr. Roalkvam comments that fruitful discussions with fellow participants working in biocorrosion were a highlight of the workshop. She hopes her participation in the upcoming industrially-oriented ISMOS 5 conference in Stavanger, Norway in June will result in similarly stimulating discussions on topics in the field. The award for the poster contest was a copy of Paul De Kruif’s Microbe Hunters, which chronicles the evolution of microbiology as a field of research.