Department of Geography
Supervisor master

Svein Olaf Dahl as supervisor

Professor Svein Olaf Dahl is a supervisor for master projects in physical geography.

Svein Olaf Dahl

Main content

Disciplinary interests in physical geography:

  • Glacier history during the last ice age (the Weichselian) with special focus on the last deglaciation, and Holocene glacier fluctuations.
  • Palaeoclimatic reconstructions (winter precipitation as snow, and direction and strength of wind) based on fluctuations in glacier equilibrium-line altitudes (ELAs), independent proxies for summer temperature and proglacial lake sediments, as well as aeolian deposits (wind-blown sand and loess).
  • Reconstruction of Holocene river floods based on lacustrine sediments, and formation of landforms (canyons) shaped by flowing water/glacial-lake outburst floods (GLOFS).
  • Reconstruction and palaeoclimatic implications of debris flows and snow avalanches during the Holocene.
  • Palaeoclimatic implications of periglacial processes and landforms.

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