Department of Geography
Supervisor master

Rannveig Øvrevik Skoglund as supervisor

Associate Professor Rannveig Øvrevik Skoglund is a supervisor for master projects in physical geography.

Rannveig Øvrevik Skoglund

Academic interests:

  • Groundwater and karsthydrology
  • Floods and hydro-meteorological geohazards
  • Speleology (cave science)
  • Reconstruction of the deglaciation history with focus on meltwater drainage, glacial lakes and canyon development

Suggested master’s projects

Water resources in karst

GROUNDWATERISK is a project focusing on water quality and contamination risk in small karst springs used for water supply in rural areas in Norway and Romania. Two master’s projects on karst hydrology are available and fully funded through GROUNDWATERISK. The objective of the master’s projects is to identify the aquifer characteristics and investigate and monitor the water quality of small karst aquifers in Northern Norway, and to do a risk assessment analysis of their vulnerability.

Reconstruction of flood history in western Norway

The flood regime in western Norway is dominated by autumn floods caused by intense and long-lasting rainfall. The topography makes erosion due to rapid runoff in steep catchments the main flood hazard rather than inundation. Studies of former flooding and mass-wasting processes in such catchment will gain valuable knowledge relevant for planning and climate adaptation. The objective is to reconstruct the flooding and mass wasting history over the last thousands of years based on sediment cores from lakes and survey of the catchment areas based on fieldwork, LiDAR-data and aerial photographs.

Coring sites: lake Myrkdalsvatnet or Oppheimsvatnet in Voss municipality, or lake Grimevatnet or Haukedalsvatnet in Bergen municipality.

Supervisors: Rannveig Ø Skoglund og Kristian Vasskog

Are you interested in a master’s project in physical geography related to topics such as groundwater, geohazards, flooding, paleohydrology, caves or canyons?

Contact: rannveig.skoglund@uib.no