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Kristian Vasskog as supervisor

Associate Professor Kristian Vasskog is a supervisor for master projects in physical geography.

Innsjø og fjell
Innsjøen Chandra Tal, som ligger på 4300 meters høyde i den indiske regionen Himachal Pradesh i vestlige Himalaya.
Kristian Vasskog

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Research interests

  • Postglacial sea-level change, globally and along the Norwegian coast
  • Tsunami events and how to recognize them in sedimentological archives
  • Climate- and glacier variations from the Last Glacial Maximum until present
  • Deglaciation history of the Fennoscandian ice sheet, including effects on isostatic uplift and sea-level change
  • Reconstruction of mountain glacier activity through the Holocene, in Norway and the Himalayas
  • Lake sediments as archives of climate change, glacier variability and geohazards, such as floods, avalanches and tsunami events
  • Methodological development of lake sediment analysis techniques

Suggestions new master projects

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