Geophysical Institute

- The best thing is the work environment

Giulio takes PhD in Meteorology and his research concerns orographic precipitation.

Name: Giulio Nils Caroletti

Age: 32

Education: Master in Physics with a thesis on Atmospheric Physics from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy). It was a 5-years master without an intermediate bachelor.

Takes PhD in: Meteorology

Supervisors: Idar Barstad and Joachim Reuder



Why did you choose to study meteorology?

I choose physics in the first place to study astrophysics, but after a while I discovered that atmospheric theory is cool.


Why should new applicants to UoB choose to study meteorology?

I think it is an astonishingly vast topic, with something interesting for everyone, from the instrumentation freak to the more theoretically-oriented lunatics like me.


Why did you choose to take PhD?

I like the university environment. It's extremely stimulating.


Tell about your PhD-project.

Well, basically it deals with orographic precipitation. There's this cool model, the Smith-Barstad Linear Model, with handles in a very interesting way the orographic lifting of moist air through Fourier transforms, and we're looking into its properties. I'm also doing some more general research on the topic and trying to pump up my skills in statistics (still a long way to go...).


What is the best thing about taking a PhD? What is challenging?

I think that the best thing is the work environment, the chance to meet people from many different lands that are working in a cooperative way and not a competitive way (at least, much more than commonly in the "real world"). The challenging part is being able to keep track of time and focus on projects. It's way too easy to slip away.


What are your plans after completing the PhD?

Trying to stay in the university, I guess. However, I am striving too hard to focus on the phd to really think much on what comes after. 


Do you have some advice to master students considering taking a PhD?

I think that the motivations for a phd might be many, but there is only one reason that is not good, and that is to "kill time" while you think what you want to do in life. It's not only you that have to give 3-5 years of your life to this, there is a supervisor, a research group, and people from scientific groups and administration that will advice, pay, and spend time with you. The start is especially time-consuming for others, so even though you are allowed to begin and then say "ok this is not for me", you're not allowed to do that if you know that you'd prefer to do something else from the start.