Geophysical Institute

Weather observations in Bergen

The Geophysical Institute (GFI), in cooperation with Aandera Data instruments, carry out different weather observations in Bergen. One station is placed on Florida, close to Bergen centre, and one on Mount Ulriken.

The location of the weather station at mount Ulriken
The location of the weather station at mount Ulriken
Øystein Seljelid

Data have been collected on the roof of GFI (45 m above sea level) and on mount Ulriken (610 m above sea level) since autumn 2003 to be able to present real time meteorological data on the Internet. These observations are available for the public on the webpage "Været i Bergen" (only in Norwegian). Here you can also find links to different forecasts for Bergen and other places. In addition you can find links to several weather stations on schools or private stations. These links are also listed below.

The webpage “Været i Bergen” is part of the institute's aim to disseminate information about meteorology and climate. The page contains data from two weather stations from Aanderaa Data Instruments. One of them is mounted at GFI near the part of town named Florida close to centre of Bergen and the other one is situated on Mount Ulriken (610 m above sea level). In addition, total shortwave incoming radiation (global radiation) and sunshine hours are registered at GFI with instruments from The Eppley Laboratory Inc. and Kipp & Zonen.

Data is logged every 10 minutes and stored in a database. On “Været i Bergen” it is possible to search this database and to graphically investigate how the weather evolved up to now (“periodesøk”).  You can also view the weather for a specific date (“datosøk”).

Contact person at GFI: Jan Asle Olseth and Anak Bhandari