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NORCOWE has released its annual report for 2013

Vindmøller til havs

GFI is one of the main Research Partners in the Norwegian Center for Environmentally-Friendly Energy research (FME) NORCOWE (Norwegian Center for Offshore Wind Energy) funded by the Norwegian Research Council and industrial partners. This ia also manifested in the contributions of GFI staff to the recently released annual report for 2013.

Read what Peter M Haugan writes in the annual report.

Below you can also find presentations on the work and results of our PhD students involved in NORCOWE:

  • More about Valerie Kumer and her activities in lidar wind measurements. Here you  find some information on the recent installation of a Lidar at the Lysefjord bidge, where Valerie participated.
  • More about Mostafa Paskyabi working on turbulence in the oceanic mixed layer and on air-sea interaction.
  • More about Martin Flügge and his development of a buoy based atmospheric turbulence measurement system.
  • More about Torge Lorenz and his work on the improvement of wind forecasts for offshore wind farms.

You can also get more information on last years' and this years' summer schools organized by NORCOWE.