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Science meets Art

Science meets Art

Since the beginning of March, the German artist Katrin von Lehmann has found her place in Asgeirs old office in the GFI building. She will visit the GFI and the BCCR until the end of April. She has earlier visited the Max Planck Institute and the Observatory Lindenberg near Berlin.

Cloud observation
Katrin von Lehmann

“I would like to know about different kind of work here at the institute, and I would like to have short conversations with the researchers here” Katrin von Lehmann says, and adds that everyone is very welcome to drop by in her office for a chat on science and art.

Please visit her website for more information and photos of her previous work.

Her work Augenbeobachtung 2-2 (2011), shown above, is made of cloud observation information from the Observatory Lindenberg, and she writes on her work:

Cloud observation

In 2009 during a scholarship I had the opportunity to visit the Obervatory Lindenberg near by Berlin. I was very fascinated by the fact that in our technique based time a skilled person are doing cloud observation without any instrument when looking at the sky.

The question I asked myself was: how does the subjective perception get into scientific data? In the work Augenbeobachtung 2-2 I worked on the data set of one month cloud observation of July 2010, which I got from the observatory Lindenberg. Each data also each Latin word, I translated into a drawing. I didn’t even think of clouds. But I really tried to find out what the Latin words say to me.

I’m interested in visualizing a process in a static image, not in a film.
I concern myself with the questions: How does the surface get a surface?
What is behind the surface? Does the knowledge or the not knowledge of the things behind influence your way of seeing?