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Call for CMI-UiB Collaboration Funding 2021

Chr. Michelsen Institute and the University of Bergen have a long-standing agreement to strengthen development-related research in Bergen. We now invite applications for collaboration between our two institutions for 2021-2022. Deadline 15 June, 2021.

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Applications for must include researchers in permanent positions at both CMI and UiB, based in research groups at respective institutions. All scientific staff mentioned in the application by name should be asked about their involvement and plan to be actively involved in the project.

Supported projects must be in line with the strategies of both CMI and UiB. The aim of the support is to strengthen Bergen as a hub for development research and education. It must be clearly stated in the application how the project will contribute to this aim. 

Support for up to three years may be considered for larger strategic initiatives. 

Applications may have costs from NOK 50.000 to NOK 250.000. (Annual cost range for larger strategic initiatives applying for support over several years).

For applications that include funding for seminars and/or workshops, or other joint activities, we encourage the use of Bergen Global, our common area for research dissemination. 

A short project brief with a budget must be written on the attached form (maximum two pages) together with a CV for the project manager. This should be e-mailed to tore.satersdal@uib.no (subject line: Collaboration Funds CMI-UiB 2021) by 15 June, 2021. Applications will be evaluated by the UiB/CMI cooperation committee (Samarbeidsutvalget).

Questions about the application process can be directed to Project Director, Steinar Hegre, CMI (Steinar.Hegre@cmi.no / 4586 5426) or Deputy Director Tore Sætersdal, Centre for International Health/Global Challenges, University of Bergen (Tore.Satersdal@uib.no / 5558 9323).