Global Challenges

The History of Palestine Solidarity in Scandinavia and the World

What is Palestine solidarity and how did it emerge and develop globally?

Framside av tidsskriftet Falastin med undertittel Solidaritet med Palæstinas folk på dansk og arabisk.
Tidsskriftet Falastin (Arbejderbevægelsens Bibliotek og Arkiv i København)

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In this talk, Sune Haugbølle (Roskilde University) shares his research on the connections and ideas that transformed a regional struggle into a global cause from the late 1960s onwards. What was the role of Scandinavia in this story, and how did Danish, Swedish and Norwegian activists contribute to the development of a transnational visual and ideological vocabulary that lives on in the current protests against the war in Gaza?

After the presentation, Pelle Valentin Olsen (UiB) will moderate the discussion and Q&A.


About the speaker:

Sune Haugbølle is professor at Roskilde University. His expertise is global political sociology with a focus on the Middle East. He has made significant contributions in three thematic fields: social memory, the history of radical movements, and transnational solidarity.

His articles and books are widely cited in historiographic literature on Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria, and on the Arab Left. The questions asked are informed by conceptual debates in global sociology, global history, and Middle East studies. His books and articles touch on central themes in political sociology like mass media, revolution, ideology, incarceration, transitional justice, the state, mobilization, intellectual history, and urban sociology. He draws on long experience from, and networks in, Arab countries and milieus.