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HySchool Webinar #7: Liina Sangolt (HVL/UiB) & Ingrid Furuberg (Amogy)

The next HySchool Webinar will take place on Teams at 13:00 CET on 28 May 2024. This webinar will feature an admitted PhD student at HySchool and an industry representative. Each will deliver a 15-minute presentation followed by a Q&A session on their respective topics.

Liina Sangolt (left) and Ingrid Furuberg (right).

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You will find powerpoints from the presentations under "Documents" after the webinar.

Liina Sangolt
PhD candidate at HVL/UiB

Harnessing the Power: A Case study on Small-Scale Hydropower for Hydrogen production

Norway, blessed with an abundance of hydropower potential, holds great promise for meeting the growing demand for clean energy. Of interest for this study are small-scale-run-off-river power plants, often situated in remote locations or areas where the grid capacity had reached its limit. These untapped resources offer a unique and unparalleled opportunity to explore the hydrogen production through the utilization of run-of-river power plants.

This study delves into potential of harnessing the energy from the Bordal River in Norway as a case study.  A MATLAB model has been developed to optimize hydrogen production, production costs, and energy efficiency in run-off-river power plant. The model integrates an alkaline electrolyzer with inflow data from the specific run-off-river power plant, enabling system dimensioning and control for hydrogen production. To ensure the models accuracy and reliability, its results are validated by comparing them to real-life electrolyzer data.


Ingrid Furuberg (Amogy)
Director, Project Management at Amogy

Amogy's technology and the significance of ammonia in the future

In the maritime industry, ammonia is increasingly recognized as an essential fuel for the future, marking significant progress towards sustainable energy solutions. Amogy has proven in practical demonstrations that their patented ammonia splitting technology is mature, scalable, and a highly effective method for splitting ammonia, generating electric power in combination with hydrogen fuel cells. In this talk, director Ingrid Furuberg from Amogy will present the company's technology and the opportunities that ammonia offers as a zero-emission fuel in the future.


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