Department of Information Science and Media Studies

Than Htut Soe

Better Video Workflows via Real-Time Collaboration and AI Techniques in Television and New Media. 

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My PhD project is an university-industry collaboration project between University of Bergen and Vizrt, a leading Norwegian digital media tools company. It is supported by supported by the Research Council of Norway through the Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena (BIA) programme. Our goal is to explore innovative workflows to produce quality videos by exploring through computer-assisted collaboration and AI techniques.

There has been a very recent explosion in the number of AI based techniques in the area of processing images, videos and audio.  My project goal is to study the integration of the AI techniques in the video creation process through the use of interaction design and HCI (Human Computer Interaction). Functioning prototypes will be used to explore the interaction design of AI assisted video creation process. Some of the research knowledge generated through this project might leads to creation of  innovative products for the company.