Department of Information Science and Media Studies
Public defence

Trail lecture and public defence: John Magnus Ragnhildson Dahl

On March 3 2021 John Magnus Dahl will defend his doctoral thesis for the PhD Degree at the University of Bergen.


Main content

Title of the thesis

"Voices on the Border - Comedy and Immigration in the Scandinavian Public Spheres"


Trail lecture

March 3, 09.15 Zoom webinar

Topic: «The role of events in media research: lessons learned from comedy» 

The committee's reason for choice of topic:

The assigned topic allows the candidate to further address the issue of events, which is central in the thesis’ research questions, but less so in the analyses and general discussions. The committee wants to challenge the candidate to reflect more broadly on how research on comedy might provide insights for media events research.


Public defence

First opponent: Professor Giselinde Kuipers, KULeuven

Second opponent: Professor Espen Ytreberg, Universitetet i Oslo

Leader of the committee: Dr. polit. Ragnhild Mølster, University of Bergen, Department of information science and media studies



Meet the Candidate after the Public Defense

It will be possible to join us in digital meeting room for meet and greet directly after the public defense to meet and greet the candidate. In this meeting you may join with microphone and camera.

How to attend the trial lecture and public defence

Welcome to virtual trial lecture and defense! To attend the trial lecture and defense, click on the links above.

The trial lecture will start at 09.15. and the defence at 11.00, sharp. You may leave and rejoin the meeting at any time. If the Zoom application is new to you, we recommend that you press the link well before the events to download the program.

The audience are observing participants only, and therefore not able to turn on microphone and camera during the events. We recommend choosing "Speaker view". Select this in the upper right corner when in Zoom.

Opponent ex auditorio must notify hanne.gravermoen@uib.no by email before 12:30 on Wednesday March 3rd. Other questions may also be directed here.

The thesis is available on https://hdl.handle.net/11250/2730168. It is not allowed to download, print or share the thesis.

The trial lecture and defense will be recorded in case of technical difficulties. The recorded material will only be used if any member of the committee is absent due to technical errors, and we will delete it immediately after the committee has approved the events.