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Media Globalization and the Discovery Channel Networks

Post doctoral fellow Ole Johan Mjøs has recently published a book regarding the relationship between media and globalization. The book presents a unique study of the DIscovery Channel - one of the world's leading producer of documentary programming for television and other media.

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This book is about the relationship between media and globalization, explored through the unique study of the global expansion of Discovery Communications, spearheaded by the Discovery Channel, one of the world's largest providers of factual television programming and media content. The book argues that the study of Discovery's relationship with globalization provides both a specific and a more general practical and theoretical understanding of how the processes of increased linking and interweaving of media and communications unfold and develop, as well as some of the consequences of this

er postdoktor på Demokrati og rettsstat, ansatt ved Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap.