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We Love to Hate Each Other

Peter Dahlén contributes in this volume with the article "An Exemplary Model: The Religious Significance of the Brann 2007 Norwegian Football Championship as Told by the Media". The article is published in "We Love to Hate Each Other. Mediated Football Fan Culture".

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Football fans are often portrayed as enthusiastic, loyal, critical and sometimes violent. But what is it about football that appeals to them? How do the media – newspaper, radio, TV, blogs and web forums – accommodate the needs of fans, and what connections – if any – is there between the imagined community of football fans and the broader society? These are the questions explored by 20 well-known and merited researchers from 8 countries in this anthology about the mediation of football fandom.
Editors: Roy Krøvel , Thore Roksvold
Nordicom, 2012, 323 p. - ISBN 978-91-86523-35-0, (Research Anthologies and Monographs)

Peter Dahlén  is Associate Professor at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen.