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During the 30-year celebrations of the cooperation between Makerere University (Mak), Uganda and the University of Bergen (UiB), we had the opportunity to meet and interview a group of prominent Mak-UiB Alumni. All had a story to share about how their experience at UiB had helped to shape their careers and how they had brought a piece of Norway back with them to Uganda.
James is a lifelong-learner with multiple degrees and executive courses from universities spread across four continents. With working experience from Google, Twitter and most recently Facebook, he has a clear view on how to set yourself up for a career of success.
Helge Høibraaten is Founder & CEO of Vimond Solutions AS. Thanks to his historical studies at UiB, he has learned to recognize how technology can disrupt a sector and ride the change toward success. Now he has a few tips to share with those wanting to start their own company.
Joon Grane Hetland has a degree in comparative politics from the University of Bergen. This was the start of a life in the diplomatic service. Today, Hetland is working at the Norwegian embassy in Tokyo.
Can you imagine telling current students what you have used your UiB education for?
Hard Olav Bastianen is a partner at NGS Global Norway AS. They specialise in recruiting managers and specialists – and have good advice for alumnies that are interested in a career in management
Meeting a foreign culture can be challenging, but for our alumni of the month Hope Corbin, studying in Norway was a great experience. 'Get involved' and 'listen to others' is Corbin's advice to students. Today she is an Associate Professor at the Western Washington University, but has returned to Bergen as a guest to work with colleagues on the Refugee Resilience Network... Read more
Olaug has written since she was 19 years old, she has always liked to write and wrote a lot over the years. At Heimly Folkehøgskule she sent a manuscript to a publisher – and suddenly she had become a published author. Nilssen has recently published the book, “Tung tids tale” - a story of how it is to be the mother of a child with autism.
Prime Minister Erna Solberg is one of the key note speakers at the Sustainable Development Goals conference at the University of Bergen, 8-9 February, 2018.
Jeanett Thomsen was hesitant about going abroad – now she lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Trading rainy Bergen with the city that never sleeps was a decision that she never regretted. She has one advice to students considering going abroad - Just go!
He is described as a versatile and passionate art lover. With a solid academic background from UiB and Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), the artistic lawyer is KODE’s new managing director.
From late nights in good company and long afternoons in the canteen at Sydneshaugen to being Head of Communications for the UCI Road World Championship 2017. Toril Berle Schalck has learned a lot and uses her knowledge to handle a hectic everyday life.
Stig Arild Pettersen is the author behind the book “Erling Lorentzen – Vilje og motstand” and the foreign political podcast series “Du verden”. At UiB, he studied Arabic and Ceomparative Politics, but what he remembers the best from his student days is the engaged hours at Studentersamfunnet in Bergen.
As a student, Lene Bergman dedicated herself to concerts, writing fanzines and working at Hulen. Nevertheless, she spent her time at the university learning about studying and writing. Today, the former UiB student is general manager at the communications agency Mannheimer.
Get international experience! The leader for Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO), Lars A. Akslen, advises today’s students to go abroad.
She calls herself a debating gynecologist and was elected debater of the year in Bergens Tidene (BT) in 2016. For Agnethe Lund writing was like therapy. Her advice to other alumni is therefore to throw yourself into it rather than keeping your opinions to yourself.
On 1st of March Arvid Hallén resigned as managing director of the Research Council. Now he will be deputy chairman and contribute to the development of the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. He recalls the good student environment at Social Anthropology and lectures with Fredrik Barth himself.
Magnus Matningsdal’s retirement as professor at the Faculty of Law in 1989 marks the beginning of some 2000 additional hours he has spent at the lectern in Dragefjellet. Today, the Supreme Court Justice will be awarded honorary alumnus status at this year’s Christie Conference.