Center for Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Mini-symposium for KGJN

In March, KGJebsen Centre for Research on neuropsychiatric disorders, organized a mini-symposium for their research groups.

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KGJebsen Centre for Research on neuropsychiatric disorders is interdisciplinary. The center represents various research groups from neurotargeting, biorecognition and neuroscience to neuropsychology and fMRI, in addition to genetics, clinical psychiatry and social medicine. The center with its interdisciplinary approach, are studying the causes and mechanisms of mental disorders, with an emphasis on ADHD.

In 9th of March KGJ Center was gathered for a mini-symposium at the Grand Hotel Terminus, and all the research groups were represented at the meeting. The center began in July 2011. Therefore, this was an important and in every way a successful meeting, where the various research groups presented some of their projects and contributions to the center.

Challenging and exciting
The meeting summed up the state so far, and highlighted both the challenges and opportunities further. The Centre's interdisciplinary approach offers certain challenges, but also provides unique opportunities by, among other things, to combine the various methods ranging from clinical psychiatric research, through epidemiology, neuropsychology, functional, structural and spectroscopic brain imaging, to genetics and molecular characterization of candidate genes.

The symposium showed that the commitment of the center is large, and future plans and projects are underway. The road ahead will be exciting, where the goal is to provide new insights into clinical features and causes of ADHD and other mental disorders. This can provide improved diagnostics, and possibilities for prevention and treatment.