Department of Chemistry


Department of Chemistry has a wide range of in-house modern scientific instrumentation, including:

Main content

·NMR spectrometers: 850 Mhz for mainly (but not solely) biomolecular NMR spectroscopy. 600 MHz for high resolution liquid phase, 500 MHz for solid state, diffusion measurements and high resolution NMR, and a 60 MHz instrument for routine analysis in liquid phase.
· X-ray diffraction, dedicated single-crystal as well as powder instrument
· IR, NIR and Raman spectrometers
· Mass Spectrometry high resolution hyphenated  system
· Computer resources designated for molecular modeling

UoB is planning to establish a technology building called
“Energi og Teknologibygget” (EnTek) that is expected to house various kinds of large
scientific instruments. Among these are the high-field NMR

Another platform proposed for “EnTek” is the Norwegian
Advanced Photon Platform (NAPP). The project is still in its early phase
and RCN has been applied for funding a pre-proposal to elaborate the
technical solutions of this interdepartmental platform, which Department of
Chemistry has proposed a laboratory for electron spectroscopy-based
nanoscience. The laboratory will be used for interdisciplinary basic research
and form the basis for optimal use of large-scale international synchrotron
and free electron laser laboratories.