Department of Chemistry


Department of Chemistry has a wide range of in-house modern scientific instrumentation, including:

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·NMR spectrometers: 850 Mhz for mainly (but not solely) biomolecular NMR spectroscopy. 600 MHz for high resolution liquid phase, 500 MHz for solid state, diffusion measurements and high resolution NMR, and a 400 MHz instrument for routine analysis in liquid phase
· X-ray diffraction, dedicated single-crystal as well as powder instrument
· IR, NIR and Raman spectrometers
· Mass Spectrometry high resolution hyphenated  system
· Computer resources designated for molecular modeling

UoB is planning to establish a technology building called
“Energi og Teknologibygget” (EnTek) that is expected to house various kinds of large
scientific instruments. Among these are the high-field NMR
spectrometer, 850 Mhz, for mainly (but not solely) biomolecular
NMR spectroscopy. 

Another platform proposed for “EnTek” is the Norwegian
Advanced Photon Platform (NAPP). The project is still in its early phase
and RCN has been applied for funding a pre-proposal to elaborate the
technical solutions of this interdepartmental platform, which Department of
Chemistry has proposed a laboratory for electron spectroscopy-based
nanoscience. The laboratory will be used for interdisciplinary basic research
and form the basis for optimal use of large-scale international synchrotron
and free electron laser laboratories.