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Bruk av mobilt opptaksutstyr på SAMPOL
Frode Ims, UiB

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There are many solutions for recording and producing media content, from simple but good recordings on your own equipment, the use of studio facilities in the UiB Learning Lab, to the total production of video.

Corona: Recommendation for web based teaching.


Use your own mobile to record

We can help with tips and advice on how to equip your mobile phone to become a better video and still camera. We can guide you to what extras you can buy yourself, and provide guidance for purchasing, use and setup.

Borrow camera packages from the UiB Learning Lab

We also have camera packages to lend researchers who want to film work in the field of research etc. We provide guidance for use and can also assist with editing work afterwards, by appointment.

Use studio in the UiB Learning Lab or the Media City Studio

In our studio in the Lab, you can get help recording by appointment. We have equipment for 3-camera productions, and the ability to shoot against if / black background or do "green screen" (Chroma key). This allows images / graphics to be added to the studio background if needed.

In addition, we have a large touch screen that can display optional content and be filmed as a "blackboard" in the room.

Create podcast with your own or borrowed equipment

An audio file is simple in production, takes up little space and can be listened to anywhere and anytime. Audio is perhaps the simplest and most user-friendly format of communication.

We can help you get started and advise on the best use of audio in teaching and learning. Loan equipment from us, or record audio in our recording room.

Feel free to ask us for advice if you want to use your own mobile phone.

Get help with a video production

Video production requires planning, recording and editing. Get in touch early if you want a total production.

It is important to think about images right from the start. Enter what to watch in the video, and what to hear or read, in the correct order. If you plan to make your own recordings, use a recording plan (you will find links to several templates under this article).

The website http://videoforelesning.no/ has good examples and instructions for making a video lecture (in Norwegian only). 

Read more about video productions here.


Recording your own computer screen

If you need audio slides / powerpoints, you can record your own computer screen and audio from a microphone. Screen recordings can also be used if you want to display a procedure on the screen, such as using a particular software, or to provide feedback on student work. 

Screen-cast functions will be available in Mitt UiB from medio march 2020. 

Recording of lectures on campus (videonotes)

A selection of auditoriums at UiB have fixed equipment where recordings can be ordered and automatically started in the relevant period. This service is integrated in MittUiB, you must also have a subject that has booked the current space in the subject calendar (TP).

Read about this service here.