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A screencast is a digital recording of your computer screen output, like powerpoints and other learning materials. Kaptura is our new tool for this, integrated in Mitt UiB.

Kaltura - UiBs new tool for screencasts
Kaltura is the new tool for screencasting, integrated in Mitt UiB
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As the UiB campus is now closed, all the teaching and supervision must be done digitally, with Mitt UiB as a starting point. 

As from March 13, the new tool called Kaltura is available to all lecturers at UiB. This tool replaces Tech Smith Relay, which some of you have been using. 

With Kaltura, you can easily make screencasts from your own computer and share with your students. You can also make videos and sound, and upload existing video videofiles, to be shared with your students within a course.

Read more about Kaltura and get guidances here