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Students with previous education from a college/university

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Anyone with previous education from college or university level must apply for special admittance on a separate form. The special admittance is a scientific evaluation of your previous education in relation to the courses at UiB. There is no special deadline. After completion, you will get a letter stating what courses you (possibly) get an exemption for and for which courses there is an overlap (study point reduction).

In the vast majority of cases, the study points you have from your previous education will be recognised. The is called the "time-for-time principle". A possible reduction of study points will take effect if you take courses with us that have an overlap with courses you have already taken.

NB!! Some study programs must be completed to provide the exchange (e.g. NKI, BI, NHHK et. al.).

If you have not applied for special admittance in advance, it may be that you get an unpleasant surprise when you apply for admission to a master's degree or request a certificate. It may then occur that you do not meet the formal requirements due to an overlap between your previous education and the courses you have taken with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The special admittance can help to shorten your study duration. By applying for special admittance immediately, you will know from the outset what you can get an exemption for. You can then construct a sensible study plan from the start.