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Information about how to apply for admission to the University of Bergen can be found here. In addition to the general university admission certification (generall studiekompetanse), the current requirements to be admitted as a student in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences are: mathematics R1 or (S1+S2) together with either mathematics (R1+R2) or physics (1+2) or chemistry (1+2) or biology (1+2) or information technology (1+2) or geoscience (1+2) or technology and theory of research (1+2). We note that the courses included in the Department of Mathematics' bachelor programme require a good prior knowledge of R2.

As a new student, you will have three subjects in your first autumn semester. The Examen Philosophicum, one of the two mathematics courses MAT101/MAT111 and one science module that depends on what study programme you are admitted to. For the Bachelor's programme in mathematics, MAT111 is the natural mathematics course to choose, and for the third subject, one of the two courses MNF140 - Mathematics and Natural Science and INF100 - Introduction to Programming Methodology I are the alternatives that new students have to choose between.

(NOTE: if you have already taken examen philosophicum, then it is very important that you contact the student counsellor at the faculty well before the start of the semester for information about what you should choose instead.)

See also https://www.uib.no/education for more information about the various programmes and their academic requirements. Normally, after studying for three years, you should have fulfilled the requirements for a bachelor's degree, and if you wish to continue with a master's degree (normally two years), you must also have fulfilled the prerequisites for this.