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New Head of Department

After an exciting four months period waiting, with four internal candidates to the position, on wednesday March 24th it was finally announced that Jarle Berntsen is nominated Head of Department for the Mathematics Institute.

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The call for the position as Head of Department for the Maths Institute was published in December 2009. Thereafter, it was made public that four of the seven applicants were internal candidates: Jarle Berntsen, Petter Bjørstad, Hans Munthe-Kaas and Antonella Zanna Munthe-Kaas. On wednesday, March 24th, the temporary head of department,  Helge K. Dahle, announced that the faculty had chosen Jarle Berntsen, from the group for Applied and Computational Mathematics. At the same time, Petter Bjørstad was announced as new Head of Department for the Computer Science Institute. Berntsen's new position starts on May 1st, 2010. Alexander Vasiliev from the Analys Group, has accepted to be Berntsen's vice.