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The Maths Institute 60th anniversary soccer game

In occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Maths Institute in Bergen, master student challenged employees in a soccer match at Møhlenpris on may 5th 2009. And the result was a surprise for many.

MI 60th anniversary soccer match. The employees' team (MI UTD), top, and the...
MI 60th anniversary soccer match. The employees' team (MI UTD), top, and the students' team (MIL football), bottom
Anna Korolko

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The match started with the students' team pressing and their team took the lead already at 1'. But it didn't take long (7') til the employees scored 1-1. The opening was promising good entertainment for the supporters and the spectators. At 10', the students took the lead again (1-2), however at 16' the employees reduced to 2-2. Thereafter, the employees team surprised by taking full control over the match. At the end of the 1st period, the score was 5-2 in favour of the employees. After the pause, the second period started in the same way as the first: press from the students, which, this time, didn't result in any goal scored. After 10', there was a keeper change (Valdmar -> Høyberg) for the employees team. At the 25' the students had perhaps the best chance to reduce the disadvantage, but they hit the outside of the goal. At the 26' the employees scored 6-2 and, thereafter, the match only had one direction. The final result was 10-2 in favour of the employees' team. 


MI employees team:


10   David L. Moreno (31' 1st p. 5-2, 26', 2nd p. 6-2 , 30' 2nd p. 8-2)

12   Øystein Haaland (22' 1st p. 3-2, 33' 2nd p. 10-2)

7     Erlend Grong

2     Ferenc Bartha (25' 1st p. 4-2)

87   Stein A. Strømme (capt.)

11   Morten Brun

5     Dagfinn Høyberg

23   Sissel Mundal

9     Inge Skjælaaen (16' 1st p. 2-2, 29' 2nd p. 7-2)

14   Andreas Stordal

5     Helge K. Dahle

8     Andreas Sandvin

16   Henrik Kalisch

18   Jan Valdman (32' 2nd p. 9-2)

4     Andreas L. Knutsen