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Fluid Mechanics

The research performed by the fluid mechanics group is connected with important geophysical, environmental, climatic and industrial issues.

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Work carried out by the fluid mechanics group is performed in close collaboration with other specialists in Norway and internationally. In particular, in the Bergen region this research group collaborates with the Geophysical Institute, Uni Research (see http://www.bccs.uni.no/units/cmu/), the Institute of Marine Research, the Nansen Center, NIVA, and Statoil ASA.

In recent years, the study of internal waves (such as waves that propagate along the interface between different fluid bodies) has been central. These waves are challenging to study both theoretically and numerically. Furthermore, internal waves play an important role in the climate puzzle. When internal waves break, strong currents can occur at the bottom of the ocean that can affect industrial installations.

Analytical and numerical studies of waves and currents are aimed at obtaining a fundamental understanding of how, for example, waves occur, propagate and break.

The group is also involved in research focused on CO2 storage.

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