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Formal template for doctoral dissertation, printing and publication

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Information from the faculty regarding formal template and printing of doctoral dissertation: https://www.uib.no/en/phd/110925/printing-and-public-availability

A candidate should not order copies of dissertation before he has received information that the dissertation is found worthy of being defended. Candidates order their dissertations at printing company Skipnes. When the candidate have submitted the order he will receive an order confirmation by email. This email MUST be forwarded to the PhD coordinator and to the department purchaser. The department will thereafter confirm the order in the UiB purchase system.

Candidates should order 30 copies of their dissertation (15 copies for the candidate, 6 copies for the department, 8 copies for the library). The department covers up to 6000 kr, but candidates are not allowed to exceed more than 15 private copies. If a candidate wants more copies, he must cover the costs with funds from own project fund. The price for each copy depends on the number of pages and total number of color pages.