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Midway evaluations at the Department of Mathematics

Midway evaluation is mandatory for all PhD Candidates admitted to the PhD. Midway evaulations are usually held in the autumn or spring. The Researcher Training Committee (FU) is responsible for the evaluations. Here you will find information about midway evaluations at the Department of Mathematics.

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All PhD candidates must complete the midway evaluation at the mid-point of their PhD education, i.e. after 1,5 years for candidates without teaching duty and after 2 years for candidates with teaching duty. The PhD coordinator will identify the candidates involved in the beginning of the semester, and these candidates and their main supervisors, on behalf of the supervisory committee, will be asked to submit midway-reports.

The midway evaluations are usually carried out in October/November and April.The candidates are contacted about dates before the evaluations are scheduled.

The evaluation consists of two parts:

1. Presentation. Each candidate has to give a 15 minutes oral presentation (preferable a beamer presentation) outlining the status of his/her PhD work. The candidate should aim at making the presentation understandable to PhD students working in neighbouring fields of research. It is suggested to begin with a short discussion motivating the project and to end with a summary of the work done and the challenges that remain. 

2. Conversation with The Researcher Training Committee (FU). After the presentations there will be a short conversation, about 10 minutes, with two FU members and the PhD coordinator about the status of progress of the research project, the training component and the teaching duty.