Department of Mathematics

International conference (MAT920)

The Department of Mathematics encourages all PhD candidates to participate and present at international conferences. Candidates may include International conference in their educational plan (course code MAT920).

Main content

Participation at international conference with a submission (poster or presentation/verbal contribution) can be included in the PhD educational plan (dissemination part). MAT920 International conference is worth 2 credits (max. of 2 credits can be earned this way).

To be approved as an international conference the conference must have international keynote speakers and the conference language has to be English.

The following documentation must be submitted to the department's PhD coordinator after conference in order to pass MAT920:

Certificate of Participation and Presentation Certificate from conference organiser which includes title of poster/presentation.

(If a candidate does not have a Presentation Certificate his/ her main supervisor must e-mail PhD coordinator to confirm the candidate's participation.)