Mohn Nutrition Research Laboratory

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The MALNUTRA study was initiated as a collaboration of the University of Bergen and Haukeland University Hospital, based on previous studies on point prevalence risk of malnutrition. The aim is to investigate underlying causes of nutritional risk and malnutrition, and to investigate the consequences of this condition. Patient recruitment started in September 2017 and was finished in December 2019, with 350 patients included.  

This prospective case-control study investigates several factors that are associated with nutritional risk in hospitalized patients, including functional and anthropometric measurements, quality of life and cognitive function. Further it will provide data on specific nutrient deficiencies that are associated with general malnutrition, and investigate potential biomarkers of malnutrition. 

These data will give further information about the effect of malnutrition on the cause of the disease process, including re-hospitalization rates and mortality. The results from the study will be used to improve the screening and diagnosis of nutritional risk and malnutrition, and on the long term to develop personalized treatment options.