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The clinical node is conducting clinical studies within obesity, hyperglycemia, and undernutrition. One of the main projects is the CARBFUNC study that investigates effects of diets with differences in processed food and carbohydrate quality on weight loss. The participants were randomized to three different diets and are followed for two years. Outcome variables include weight loss, and loss of visceral adipose tissue. In addition, Gülen Arslan Lied is responsible for the investigations of symptoms of irritable gut in this study. This study is also part of the molecular node that will investigate the mechanisms for weight loss caused by the different diets.

In 2019 and 2020, a study that investigated postprandial effects of breads differing in fiber content was conducted. This study was a collaboration with Nofima and was conducted at the Research Unit for Health Surveys.

Another activity in this node is the CarbHealth project which was granted by JPI HDHL in 2019. Within CarbHealth, we will conduct a clinical multicentre study, together with partners in Sweden and Germany. The effect of different types of bread on hyperglycemia will be tested in patients with prediabetes. This project is led by Jutta Dierkes and Hanne Rosendahl-Riise. The CarbHealth project includes also epidemiologic research using data from the HUSK cohorts which are also a part of the epidemiologic node.

Malnutrition among hospitalized patients, also called disease-related undernutrition, is a common problem of patients in the Norwegian health care system. We are studying reasons and consequences of malnutrition in the Malnutra study, which is based on studies from Randi Tangvik.