125 new places for Ukrainian refugees

The Norwegian government allocates 1,000 extra places to universities and higher education institutions. UiB has received 125 of these. - We are well prepared and look forward to welcoming the students, says Rector.

Universitetsmuseet i Bergen lyst opp i blått og gult
The University of Bergen gets 125 new places.
Ole Friele, UiB

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On Thursday, the government announced that the distribution of the 1,000 places that the government created caused by the refugee crisis from Ukraine is ready.

UiB has been allocated 125 extra places.

- UiB is well prepared

"We have prepared well to receive Ukrainian refugees both on individual subjects and in study programs. Therefore, we are very happy that we have got these places that we are sure to be able to fill", says Rector Margareth Hagen.

Pinar Heggernes, Pro-rector at UiB, is also looking forward to welcoming the new students. She says that UiB will make it easier for students to get the training they need.

"We have put in place training offers in both English and Norwegian as a foreign language that will take place this summer, so that the refugees will be prepared for the start of studies in the autumn."

The distribution of places between the faculties at UiB will be done when UiB has received an overview of how the applicants are distributed on courses and study programs.

The government will facilitate higher education

Minister of Research and Higher Education Ola Borten Moe states in a press release that the government will make arrangements for the Ukrainian refugees who come to Norway to have the opportunity to take education.

"We are facing the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. Some of those who come here want to take higher education, but do not meet all the requirements. Education and work are the key to integration. Therefore, we will propose to adjust the admission regulations for this group. This will give universities, colleges and vocational colleges as much flexibility as possible to assess the individual application for admission to the next academic year", says Borten Moe.