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Hosting Academic Events at the Norwegian Institute in Athens

Information for groups intending to visit or host an academic event at the Norwegian Institute in Athens

A visiting seminar at the Norwegian Institute at Athens
Dialogues with the Past seminar at NIA.
Z. Tankosic

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  • The Norwegian Institute at Athens offers administrative and logistical support for visiting academic groups from Norway and beyond. While our primary emphasis is on supporting activities related to our administrative owner (UiB) and financial supporter (UiO), we welcome and host any academic groups and activities from Norway aligned with our mission in Greece. Please note that the NIA exclusively supports and endorses academic and research-oriented activities.
  • Our logistical and administrative support includes: a) Meal arrangements and basic refreshments during events b) Printing services (within reason) c) Application for free entrance permits and other arrangements with Greek institutions d) Networking and contact with the local and international academic community e) IT support f) Research support (applications, library access, etc.).
  • We offer a venue situated in a quiet yet central area of Athens, within a 10-minute walk from major archaeological sites (e.g., the Acropolis), museums (Acropolis Museum), and the Parliament, with immediate access to public transportation (Metro) to other parts of Athens, the port of Piraeus, and the Airport.

  • Our seminar room can accommodate a maximum of 18-20 participants in a seminar room arrangement (chairs around a central table) and approximately 40 participants in a classroom arrangement (rows of chairs facing forward). We can also arrange larger capacity venues in nearby cooperating institutions.

  • Visits should be arranged well in advance to ensure proper preparation. If interested, please contact the institute by filling in the form below to check for term availability and pricing. Additionally, refer to our attached document for information on event support and hosting prices.

  • The NIA does not operate a guesthouse. All accommodation arrangements, booking procedures, and invoice/payment processes for accommodation are the sole responsibility of the institution or academic faculty organizing the hosted event/visit.