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The Athenæum – Society of Friends of the Norwegian Institute at Athens was established in 2019 through the initiative of Norwegian-based academics from the wider fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. Its primary aim is to provide support to the Norwegian Institute at Athens (NIA) and amplify its academic significance and contributions.

Athenæum endeavors to strengthen academic connections between the NIA, the Norwegian academic community, and the Norwegian public. Its overarching goal is to disseminate the NIA’s projects and academic contributions to Norwegian academia and the public sphere. Additionally, Athenæum aims to garner additional support for academic and research activities from Norwegian universities at the NIA.

Furthermore, Athenæum seeks to enhance the research and dissemination of Greek topics in Norway, encompassing both historical and contemporary interests. By fostering collaboration and exchange between Norwegian and Greek academia, Athenæum plays a pivotal role in enriching scholarly discourse and promoting cross-cultural understanding. 


To learn more about Athenæum and how you can become a member and support its cause, please refer to the document provided below. Additionally, you can follow Athenæum on Facebook for updates and news about their activities and initiatives.

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If you have any further questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to Athenæum directly through their Facebook page or contact them via the information provided in the document.