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The last phase of the doctoral education

During the last phase of the doctoral education there are several study and administrative elements to be executed. Here, the main parts are described: Approval of the training component, thesis submission, trial lecture, press release and public defense.

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Approval of the training component - 6 months report

Approximately 6 months before the defence (or as soon as the training component is completed), the candidate must submit a written application for approval of the training component to the Board for Doctoral Education. The candidate will receive a letter of confirmation of the approved training component.

Trial lecture

The trial lecture is part of the requirements of the doctoral education. The trial lecture is held after thesis submission and before the doctoral defence and will be evaluated by a three-member committee lead by the head of the doctoral evaluation committee. The remaining two members are chosen from the departmental scientific staff.

The duration of the trial lecture is 45 minutes. The title will be announced to the candidate 2 weeks (10 workdays) in advance by the leader of the Board for Doctoral Education. The subject must not be within the central field of the doctoral work. The trial lecture must be successfully completed before the defence.

Press release and photo for press release

Please be advised that the press release is to be submitted no later that 3 weeks before the planned defence date. The press release is to be submitted in Norwegian. Please see detailed information in Avhandlingsportalen.

The candidate has to supply his own photography in Avhandlingsportalen in the format: jpg/jpeg or png.

The minimum requirements are as follows: 301 (W) x 388 (H) pixels, resolution 170 dpi.

The picture can either be in colour or black/white, and should be sent as a separate electronic attachment (not as part of a Word doc).

The picture can be used by UiB and external editorial staff in connection with publication of the press release.
The University of Bergen has agreements with some photographers that can be used for press photo. Contact the PhD-coordinator for more information.

Please note that the Department of Chemistry covers maximum NOK 600 + VAT for printing costs. You can also use a private photo as long as it fulfills the quality requirements.

Public defence

The final stage of the doctoral training is the public defence of the thesis. If approved, the thesis will be defended by discussing the research findings with the opponents at a public defence. After a successful defence the PhD degree is granted and the diploma is issued and presented at the formal graduation ceremony.

The leader of the doctoral evaluation committee is a senior member of the departmental scientific staff. The leader will coordinate the defence in collaboration with the administrative contact person at the department. The candidate must be in close contact with both parties for detailed information.

Further reading about trial lecture, errata and defence prosedure