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Did you know that the potential biogas resources in Hordaland amounts to about 240 GWh? That pellets can be used instead of coal in thermal power plants? Or that there is a biogas plant in Rådalen converting sludge into about 25 GWh of fuel quality bio gas per year? If you already knew this, you probably attended the Bergen Energy Lab half-day seminar on bioenergy on the 26th of October. If not,... Read more
Håkon Eidsvåg graduated from the master programme in energy in 2016 with a specialisation in solar cells. He wrote his master thesis about a solar absorber based on metal nanoparticles, and is now doing a PhD at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences on simulating different nanomaterials for the use in solar panels.
Runde Environmental Centre is an international research station that facilitates monitoring and research on the environment and serves as a test facility for ocean energy. On the 31st of October, Lars Golmen, partner in the Runde Environmental Centre and manager of the wave energy test site, gave an introduction to the center and spoke about recent ocean energy developments at the site.
Martin Greve is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Physics and Technology. On the 24th of October, he presented results from work carried out at the Bergen NanoStructures Laboratory including the use of metal nanoparticles to create highly efficient solar cells.