One Ocean Expedition
Field work in the Caribbean

Field work in the Caribbean

Undervisning på Statsraad Lehmkuhl
Field work for the course SDG213 will be carried out on the ship in November 2021.
Olaf Erlend Gundersen, UiB

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In November 2021, fieldwork as part of the UiB sustainability course SDG313 will be carried out on board the ship.  

At this point the ship is in the Caribbean and will have approx. 25 students and lecturers from UiB, University of the West Indies and a Collaborative University from the USA on board (WHOI, Harvard, UT-Austin, Scripps). 

The ship will leave from Curaçao, with a stop in Jamaica and end in Cuba where the students leave. 

All students will be sailing trainees and will be enrolled in the daily routines of the crew and are expected to play an active role on board. The students will be on duty 2 x 4 hours per day, also during the night under supervision of the crew (in addition to time spent on the course activities). When on duty, the tasks include e.g. trimming sails, manning the helm, look out, fire watch.

This course is based on active learning methods, where the students play a key role in their learning. Students will work in groups, with individual and group assignments.

Click here for more info about the course and how to apply. (Application deadline 23 June)